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Hip replacements are amongst the thorniest of surgical procedures to be carried out. And you had better make sure that you are fully and properly covered for a total hip replacement. You need to make absolutely certain that your medical aid cover has listed this important procedure. And those of you holding medical insurance policies had better just check with your risk averse underwriters.

It is a sad fact of today’s life and highly controversial matter that cosmetic hip surgery, whether minor or major, is not being covered. There are those narrow-minded views that regard this as nothing more than a vanity project.

total hip

It is anything but. Cosmetic hip surgery is essential. And no responsible hip surgery specialist in his right mind would simply carry out the procedures required just to make a person look better than she was before. Even so, depending on the level of risks associated, the patient does still have his or her rights.

The medical practitioner is in certain instances obligated to provide his patient with the service she desires, never mind needs. It is very much a psychological issue for certain patients. And psychological validity could still be provided if at all necessary. Unfortunately, this practice is rife with exploitation. This is why it is just so important for insurance companies to come on board.

Indeed, while they still need to maintain high reserves, surely there is a moral angle. Transgendered women are at the brunt of this exploitation. Cisgender women are allowed to have their surgery and enjoy it. And they got covered too. But not transgendered women. You wonder why. Whatever happened to medical codes of ethics? It is over to the politicians to get their acts together.