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As the world becomes more advanced with technology making life more convenient and simple, many workplaces are beginning to look at some solutions to streamline their workflows and make their workdays a little easier for not only themselves, but their customers too. This couldn’t be truer than in the pharmacy, where busy pharmacists work tirelessly to make sure sick patients get access to the medicine they need.

What are some pharmacy software solutions that are beginning to move so many pharmacies into the 21st century? Let’s take a look at some options you can use to update your pharmacy with the latest technologies.

Interactive Voice Systems

A good part of the pharmacist’s day is spent getting in touch with patients as well as having patients call the pharmacy with questions, or just to check on the status of a prescription. Thanks to interactive voice recordings, an automated system can interact with customers, let them know the status of a prescription, and help the pharmacists spend less time on the phone and more time filling prescriptions.

Automated Prescription Reminders

Don’t worry about calling up customers to let them know their prescriptions are ready for pick up ever again! With automatic prescription reminders, a customer can receive an automated call or even text message to their cell phone letting them know that their prescription is filled and ready to be picked up at their convenience.

This is another great system that allows the pharmacist to spend less time on the phone and more time dealing with customers in person and ensuring they get their medicine.

Inventory Tracking

pharmacy software solutions

Don’t worry about counting inventory by hand when you can have software handle it for you! Inventory counting can take quite awhile, but can be made so much easier by bringing in software that keeps track of sales and medicine going out, letting you know when it is time to restock.

These are just a few great potential uses of pharmacy automation software, bringing your pharmacy into the digital age and allowing you to streamline the workflow of your pharmacy staff.