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Did you know that every fifth American suffers from some of the other mental illnesses? Moreover, every 25th American goes through a more critical mental illness that includes depression, schizophrenia, and others.

Despite the staggering numbers, only up to 60 percent of them get the necessary treatment. The reason behind that might change from person to person. However, the professionals delivering psychiatric treatment in jacksonville, nc, amongst others, help you understand its importance.

psychiatric treatment in jacksonville, nc

The Taboo

It is an open secret that mental illness is considered unreal, even though we are living in the 21st century. It is because of this stigma that people suffering from the same refuse to speak up. And the society we live in is such that it looks down upon the people who do open up.

The Journal of Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine researched in 2014 around the same topic. They found that one major reason for people’s reluctance towards treatment was this social disownment.

The Result

No matter what the age, a lot of people abstain from seeking help. They refuse to understand that mental illnesses are just like physical illnesses, except they are not tangible. However, if people suffering from multiple issues decide to take it into their own hands, the problem worsens.

It starts to affect their personal, social, and professional lives. They cannot focus on anything and their productivity sinks below. A lot of the times, one might lose all that they worked so hard for, or whom they were close to. In worst cases, they even end up taking their own lives. 


Nobody should have to go through such pain alone. And death is certainly not the answer to one’s problems. To overcome these grave concerns, psychiatric treatment offers a way around. Not only do you start seeing things in a better light, but also yourself. Understated as it is, speaking up can actually help incredibly.